Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new clinic?
No. Countryside Animal Clinic was founded by Dr. Robert Going in May, 1974. In 1985, Dr. Richard Guelzow joined CAC as an associate veterinarian. Upon Dr. Going's retirement in October, 1993, Dr. Guelzow became hospital director. Dr. Malitz joined the team in 2003 and became a partner in 2004.

What veterinary services are provided?
We are a full-service medical and surgical facility able to provide, or arrange for, any needs that may arise. We emphasize "well-pet care" through our emphasis on regular examinations. We believe in reducing preventable problems through regular vaccination, parasite checks, and dental care. When the need arises, a full range of services are available right here in our clinic including extensive laboratory capabilities, radiology, general anesthesia, a pharmacy, and complete hospital care and monitoring. Please feel free to ask for a tour.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, preferably. To allow for effective use of your time, we prefer to schedule appointments. If your pet has emergency needs during clinic hours, we will see your pet without hesitation. Our doctors work on a team basis. We have computerized medical records, so all doctors have access to your pet's records and can provide complete, comprehensive medical care. If you prefer to see a specific doctor, please make that request at the time you make your appointment.

How is after-hours emergency care provided?
Outside of regular clinic hours, emergencies are handled by Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Northbrook (847-564-5775) and Veterinary Specialty center in Buffalo
Grove (847-459-7535).

Will my pet require hospitalization?
It is our policy to hospitalize pets only when the care needed cannot be provided at home. If necessary, however, we are equipped to hospitalize your pet for any length of time. Our staff does an exceptional job caring for hospitalized pets, by monitoring them frequently to ensure that they are clean and comfortable. The feeding schedule is customized and dogs are walked frequently. Visitation of hospitalized pets is arranged for on an individual basis.

Does CAC provide routine boarding and grooming?
No, but we have a list of facilities preferred by our clients. We do provide medicated baths and overnight medical observation for pets with special needs.

What are the payment options?
Payment is required at the time that your pet is discharged. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal checks, and cash. We also offer CareCredit. For major procedures, a written estimate will be provided. Please feel free to ask what services will cost.

What is the clinic's philosophy?
We provide personalized, exceptionally high quality service for pet owners who seek above-average veterinary care for their pets. Our scheduling allows us to maintain a high level of contact between client, patient, staff, and doctor. As veterinary "family practitioners," we coordinate and oversee the overall care of your pet within the entire veterinary community. We are part of a large network of veterinarians that includes local specialists in internal medicine, surgery, emergency care, ophthalmology, and dermatology, and specialists at colleges of veterinary medicine across the country. Our frequent consultation and referral within this network meets our goal of providing the highest level of personalized care.

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