Wellness Care
We strongly feel that all pets should receive regular wellness exams. For younger pets this means at least once yearly and for older pets at least twice yearly. Wellness exams allow us to identify problems such as weight changes, skin masses and dental disease. Addressing these conditions in their early stages allows us to improve your pet’s longevity and quality of life.

Pets should be protected from infectious diseases with vaccines. We also feel that the decision for what and when to vaccinate should be an informed decision based on individual risk assessment. All clients are given a handout explaining each of the vaccines and the criteria for using each one. As alternatives to traditional vaccines we also offer 3 year vaccines and vaccine titers.

Medical Care

Our doctors and nursing staff are trained and experienced in treating sick pets. We have in house diagnostic capabilities including digital x rays, blood testing and urine testing. Our reference laboratory provides a comprehensive line of testing including complete blood and urine testing, microbiology, parasite testing and pathology.

Parasite Prevention

Not only are parasites gross but they can make your pet very sick and some can even be transmitted to people. In addition to performing an annual fecal analysis we also discuss and make individualized recommendations for parasite prevention for each pet.

Geriatric Care
Not only do we want our patients to live long lives but we want them to have good quality of life. Some of the more common conditions that we treat in seniors are: arthritis, urinary incontinence, dental disease, gastrointestinal disease including dietary sensitivities, kidney disease, hormonal diseases and behavioral disorders including anxiety and cognitive dysfunction.


We have an extensive in-house pharmacy and a good relationship with a reputable compounding pharmacy. For pets that are difficult to medicate arrangements can be made for flavored liquids and chewable tablets or even transdermal (applied to the skin) forms.  We also offer a variety of prescription diets.​​

Surgeries done here  include spays, neuters, mass removals, declaws, gastrointestinal surgery, bladder surgery and laceration and wound repair. Patients that undergo surgery are anesthetized with gas anesthesia, which is the safest anesthetic available.  Anesthesia monitoring is done by a veterinary technician and includes EKG, heart rate and oxygen monitoring.

Dental Care

We believe that good dental health contributes to good overall health. We perform prophylactic dental cleanings and extractions when indicated. But the dental care doesn't end when the pet leaves our hospital. For pets that have their teeth cleaned the importance of home dental care is discussed with their owners and they are given a home dental care demonstration.

Micro Chipping

Microchipping is also available. We offer HomeAgain microchips. These microchips are safe and are used internationally.

Laboratory Services
We use a reference laboratory for blood testing, urine testing, microbiology, parasite testing, serology and pathology. For same day surgeries and sick patients we have in house laboratory capabilities including complete blood counts, serum chemistries and urinalysis.


Digital radiography are utilized here. Digital x rays take less than half the time to take and develop than traditional x rays. They can also be put on a disc or emailed if necessary.

Medicated Bathing

Medicated baths are also offered for pets with skin disease. There are many products we can use based on particular skin issues. We also offer products such as shampoos and conditioners for use at home based on recommendations from the doctors. 

Feline Care

Countryside has been designated a Feline Friendly Practice and we are members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. As such we provide complete diagnostic and treatment capabilities for kittens and cats.

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